Drench! - Pansexual Piss and Play Party

Yep, this is a watersports party for everyone – all genders, gender expressions and orientations welcome!

The party will be hosted by Ms. San Francisco Leather 2019, Bobbee Trans Mooremon, and PitBossSF David Hyman.

Get wet & play hard at Drench!

This one is for all ages (18+), and all orientations, preferences, and genders (or lack thereof), including Water Bois, Urinal Gals, Raunch Masters, Trough Slaves, Piss Daddies / Mommies, Diaper babies (#1 only), Piss Pigs, Pee Puppies, Squirters, Gushers, and their friends and admirers.

Cost: $20 (plus Eventbrite fees) in advance, or
$30 at the door. (Discounts available for volunteers.)

New to or curious about pee play? Wade in with an orientation and discussion/demo at 8:30 to learn about consent, safety, and ways to incorporate watersports into your play.

The shower will be ready for your hot negotiated scenes. Bring your own towel for getting dry afterwards.

The Trough: Here piggy, piggy – those who enter The Trough consent to be used as a urinal by anyone in attendance!

Complementary stand-and-pee urinal devices provided for those equipped with vulvas.

Light snacks will be on hand, but really it’s all about the beverages here. We’ll have plenty of refreshing sparkling waters, juices, soda, and tea on ice.

You may bring your own beer (in cans). If you drink beer please inform your partners before playing, alternate with other liquids, have a means to get home safely, and do not become intoxicated. Drunk people will be ejected without refund.

Dress code: Whatever makes you feel sexy & ready for the splash zone! Leather, rubber, latex, neoprene, lingerie, jockstraps, swimwear, dungeon blacks, vanilla casual party attire, nudity!

Be 18+ with ID. Be 21+ if you plan to bring beer.
Consent is sexy. No means NO.
Wet play in designated areas only.
Watersports participation is not required – we welcome any kind of consensual play that SF Catalyst allows!
Secure electronic lockers provided.
Clothing optional, kinky gear welcome. We recommend that you keep some kind of shoes on.
Please ask us about wheelchair access.



Friday May 10, 2019 at 08:00PM


Friday May 10, 2019 at 11:59PM