The Exiles: October Program

October Program: Beyond the Duality of Hands: Rhythmic Prancing Play with Chakras and Energy

There is no need for toys! You can play anytime using your energetic hands and body. This class offers techniques in: Rhythmic sensual face slapping, body punching, locking, & walking. Demonstrations will focus on creating rhythmic percussive flow, spiritual mindfulness, developing an energetic flow with your play-partner, and how to play safely.

About Our Presenter

Ms. Heart-Elegance brings a vast knowledge in the areas of committed Eastern Based humanist spiritual practice since 1993. She creates provocative art installations, she spits poetry prose and part of her pedagogical global research on sexuality norms… she has traveled to Brazil, Igauzu, Argentina, Mexico, St. Thomas, and the US Virgin Islands.

Currently, Ms. Heart-Elegance is recovering from Stage-2 post-operative Cancer surgery complications and is determined to take her life back, as result of almost passing away from post-operative Necrosis.


Friday October 18, 2019 at 07:30PM


Friday October 18, 2019 at 10:30PM