LGBTQ BDSM Newcomers Lab

Are you LGBTQ and new to BDSM? It can be hard to find a hands-on introduction to the ins and outs of this endlessly fascinating and seemingly complicated form of human interaction and play. So one Sunday each month, from 2 to 6 pm, SF Catalyst will host a Lab to help make you more familiar with the world of Leather, as BDSM is often referred to, even if Leather is, in fact, something that you have no interest in.

This month will include a talk on the internet and how it's changed forever the way kinky LGBTQ people connect with each other, and a demonstration of bondage and restraints.

Each month will start with an overview, and then give any and all a chance to ask all their questions... remembering that there's no such thing as a stupid question. The only stupid questions are those that aren't asked. There will be an opportunity for you to see and handle the implements, often referred to as toys, that are used in BDSM play. And then , each month will feature a demonstration of a featured form of play and you'll have an opportunity to try it yourself in a safe setting.

April topic and presenter.... TBD!

The cost? We'll pass the hat, so to speak, to help defray the expenses incurred by SF Catalyst for opening up the dungeon for our Lab. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated... we don't want to turn away anyone from the pursuit of knowledge for a lack of funds.

About the LGBTQ BDSM Newcomers Lab Leader: Bob Hughes, known in the men's leather community as Master Bob, has been gay and kinky since he was 13. Now retired, that means he's been into kinky play for over 50 years. Surprisingly, he's not a dinosaur. Time passes fast when you're having fun! He's been partnered for 22 years and has two boys in an extended leather family. Eric, 28, has been his boy for 10 years, and Morgan, 25, has been his boy for 2 years. He started in the organized Leather Community with Tampa Bay's Adventurers Suncoast Florida, where he eventually became club Road Captain. He's a previous president of the Dungeon Monitors Association, past manager of the SFCitadel Dungeon, past host of their mens dungeon parties, a longtime coordinator of the demo area of Leather Alley at San Francisco Gay Pride, and the owner of the Gay Mens BDSM Mentoring Group, as well as several other groups on FetLife.


Sunday April 07, 2019 at 02:00PM


Sunday April 07, 2019 at 06:00PM