The Exiles May Program: Earning Your Leathers

Earning your leathers is a tradition in the Leather Community — the D/s and M/s communities in particular — that is almost LOST! It’s a tradition that has been associated with the submissive or slave or service person doing something that signifies that they have earned the right to wear an item of leather, the most valued symbol of our community.

Is that still true?/ Is this still a valuable protocol? How do we show that some has ‘Mastered’ a skill or a service, and why would we do that?

The moderators have gathered a panel of Doms and subs, Mistresses, Msters, slaves, boys, and girls to answer these questions. They will tell how they have earned their leathers or how the Doms have made that a part of their protocols, and why they do it. Join us to hear their stories!

The panel will be moderated by Bobbie, Ms. San Francisco Leather 2019, and Reika, Ms. San Francisco Leather 1st Runner Up 2019.

About Our Presenters

Bobbee is busy showing up at all the events she can, and raising money for her charity, AIDS/Life Cycle.

Reika is Orientation Officer for the Society of Janus, as well as a Leather Community educator and party host.


Friday May 17, 2019 at 06:00PM


Friday May 17, 2019 at 11:00PM